The Obama assassination attempt occurred on Thursday, June 07, 2012 during a presidential address made by U.S. president Barack Obama. While speaking in front of the National Museum of American History, Behring Center, regarding the recent passing of the controversial SOPA bill that authorized the censorship of the internet, the shutdown of social media and video sharing sites, and the arrest of any users of these sites, Obama was shot in the head by a sniper who was located many yards away, on the rooftop of the Federal USDA Building. Obama was critically injured, but eventually recovered.

It was later found that the assassination was carried out by a hitman who worked for Viacom hired by Senator Harry Reid to silence Obama, a known SOPA opposer. The shooting was timed to occur just before Obama was to have revealed he was forced by Reid (who was working with the major anti-Fair Use corporations to make more money and get the fattest paycheck in Senatorial history) to sign the bill at gunpoint. It only got worse from there, culminating in the Second American Civil War, and revealing that the corporations who conspired to assassinate Obama did so as part of a major plot to take over the country and create a corporate-run police state where the rich flourish, and the working class is viewed as expendable drones and surplus population.

Earth image of assassination attempt

A Google Earth image of the location where the assassination attempt took place. The red arrow indicates the location of the sniper and the blue arrow indicates Obama's position. The black line depicts the trajectory of the bullet that struck Obama.

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