Inspired by the movie: War Games .

Quantum Clouds

By the 2020s the US military was adapting use of wide scale Quantum Networks that had speed that were 100X better than the consumer Fiber Optic Networks. The military moved most of their operations on to their own Quantum Cloud. This is the next logical step for the internet to take. 

Nuclear Weapons:

In Silicon Valley, a quantum computer almost starts WWIII as nuclear launch codes were implanted into the system they got stuck. The computer went through cycles and cycles of different scenarios. The computer which ran the army’s Statistic and Analysis division was causing all types of different malfunction for the world’s remaining nuclear warheads. The computer is too valuable for the army to get rid of so they scrap Nuclear Arms!

Huntsman's Response:

It took Huntsman 15 long years before the nations of the world agreed but as computers became more powerful than bombs, this seemed essential as a step to move towards world peace. 

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