Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian Bokmål)
Kongeriket Noreg (Norwegian Nynorsk)Kingdom of Norway
Timeline: Down with the Globalist
OTL equivalent: Norway
Flag of Norway.svg Coat of Arms of Norway.png
Yes, we love this country
Royal anthem: 
The King's Song
Official languages Norwegian
Regional Languages Sami
Ethnic groups (2049) 96.0% Norwegian,

2.7% Sami, 0.7% Black or Mixed, 0.4% Swedish, 0.2% Asian,

0.1% other
Demonym Norwegian
Government Unitary parliamentary, constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Ingrid-Alexandria
 -  Independence 1905 
Norway (Listeni/ˈnɔːrweɪ/ NAWR-way; Norwegian: About this sound Norge (Bokmål) or About this sound Noreg (Nynorsk)), officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard.[note 1] The Antarctic Peter I Island and the sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island are dependent territories and thus not considered part of the Kingdom. Norway also lays claim to a section of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land. Until 1814, the Kingdom included the Faroe Islands (since 1035), Greenland (1261), and Iceland (1262). It also included Shetland and Orkney until 1468.

Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres (148,747 sq mi) and a population of 5,213,985 (May 2016).[16] The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km or 1,006 mi long). Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak Strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side. Norway has an extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea.

Queen Ingrid-Alexandria of the German House of Glücksburg is the current queen of Norway, reigning since 2042. Norway has been a leading campaigner against the European Union since 2020, calling for its abolition. Norway is a middle power and one of Europe's richest countries, alongside Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Norway is also apart of the United Alliance, a trade and military pact with the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Russia, Syria, and Denmark.

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