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exterior entrance Vault type B

Due to pressure by the public, the US announced on August 16th 2015, its cooperation with 12 other countries to build 77 fallout shelters known as Vaults.they would be build in a select few cities across the world.  Many people would pay for their spot in a Vault. Very few got in by random selection. People of cultural or artistic Value got free places.

Naming Crisis and controversey

Bethesda softworks and obsidian entertainment tried to sue the US government due to their highly popular `Fallout` game series franchise which the Fallout shelters in the games also went by the name Vault. In the end the case was settled by the name being kept for 40 million dollars compensation to each company.

Many critics critizied the government for `Inciting fear in the public and wasting taxpayers money`as Amanda Byson of the New york post put it

Foreign people pointed out other countries would get very few vaults while the US got to have many even in one state. 

Real purpose

Both the US and China agreeed to experiment on people in certain vaults or for many vaults to have certain purposes. Many Vaults were to be subject to experiments. Including.....

  • Genetic experiments to create perfect humans
  • Super Soldiers (Genetic experiments)
  • Radiation immune humans
  • Preserving the worlds talented people
  • Preserving humanity
  • Creating a superior race of humans to re-populate the planet
  • Social Experimants

locations (USA)

  • 6 in California
  • 4 in Maryland and Virginia (Most around D.C area)
  • 5 in Ilinois+ Wisconsin
  • 2 in Washington State
  • 1 in Alaska
  • 7 in New York
  • 5 in Massachuesetts
  • 3 in Florida
  • 9 in Texas
  • 2 in Nevada
  • 3 in Colorado
  • 7 in Ohio
  • 3 in Utah
  • 5 in Michigan
  • 1 in Montana
  • 4 in Geoirgia
  • 1 in New Jersey


US Vaults by number and location

Locations (Global)

  • 1 in London
  • 1 in Dublin
  • 1 in Madrid
  • 1 in Berlin
  • 1 in Paris
  • 1 in Lyons
  • 1 in Shanghai
  • 1 in Tokyo
  • 1 in Oslo
  • 1 in Port Moresby
  • 1 in Brisbane
  • 1 in Beijing

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