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North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Flag of NATO

NATO members as of 2030

Formation 4 April 1949
Type Military alliance
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Membership Approx. 33 Members
Official language

English, French

Secretary General Hastings Ismay (1st)
Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Omar N. Bradley (1st)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is a Intra-governmental military organization founded during the first cold war in 1949.


Second Cold War, Further Expansion

When the Second Cold War began, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization re-evaluated its European Strategy. Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and Israel ultimately would join the organization seeking protection from either Russian influence or any other major player in the Area.

With the election of the 45th President, the U.S. expanded its nuclear arsenal and began deploying weapons to Europe in response to the growing threat of the newly emerged CSTO.

The United States, however, began receiving NATO applications from several countries to join NATO. The organization however, could only admit so many. The Creation of more groups was necessary. NATO agreed to help spearhead the formation of more defense organizations that would include NATO. NATO members and several other nations formed a larger defense organization consisting of smaller defense alliances divided into Spheres. NATO was one of these Alliances, representing the European and North African sphere.