‹ none North American Union 2066
North American Parliamentary Election, 2064 (Malformedmule)
18 November, 2064
Turnout 53%
First party Second party Third party
Blank Person Blank Person Blank Person
Leader Jordan McCarthy William Paul Sarah Ross
Party Liberal Libertarian Reform
Seats before 0 0 0
Seats won 316 198 159
Seat change +316 +198 +159
Percentage 37.5% 26.8% 24.3%
North America 2064
map depicting regions won by the Liberal Party in yellow, the Libertarian Party in blue and the Reform Party in red.
The North American Parliamentary Election, 2064 took place in the North American Union in 2064 to elect members to the North American parliament. It was the first election of its type. The centre-left North American Liberal Party won more seats than any other party, however did not have a majority of seats. The centre-right Libertarian Party of North America came second and the left wing Reform Party of North America came close behind in third place.

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