N.America Culture
North American Culture is used to refer to the different regions of the former Mexico,US and Canada.

After the revotalization of Culture, sustained in yet such a Globalist world shocked many in the 2080s. As a result, people clearly began to think of certain areas a certian way. For instance, claiming Los Angeles and New York had similar styles, attitudes or way of life would be considered idiotic and rude. 

Regional Culture

Vaquero (Mexican Cowboys)

Marked Yellow on the Map

After Russia became a global food superpower with growable food, Aztlan and Texas decided that they should risk their arm at becoming beef superpowers for a ever growing global middle class in the 2070s. Many people flocked towards the countryside. This led to the distinct revival of Vaquero culture or the "Mexican Cowboys" as they became known in Europe. Places such as El Paso, Phoenix and Austin heavily based their cities off Wild West, Mexican and Vaquero Culture, while still retaining a futuristic look. Much of Texas soon became more like Mexico culturally.


Marked light green on the Map.


A mild example of "Sierra Retro-ism"

Being the flim capital of the world, The newly Independent Sierra wanted to distinguish itself from neighbouring America, which was in the eyes of many Europeans and Americans themselves, boring. Asian influence was growing, and as the then government was very nationalist, this didn't settle with them well. Interest in Retro-Syle Diners along Interstates in Nevada brought an idea to 3rd Governor Edillo Garcia, to adopt a style of Retro Futurism to Outer Los Angeles, which was continued. As time progressed all Mexican and Post 1960s American Culture was almost wiped out. Algarz Motors was established in Reno in 2099 which developed the first Hover Car (Flying Cars lasted two years due to their hazardness and impractibility). Fasion soon took hold as that of the 1960s, cars were
Hover car

The Average house at 9am in Sierra

modled off those of the 1950s/1960s. Government funding was introduced to keep the Culture of Sierra stuck in the 1960s, making it truely unique.

A Diner

Most restaurants are modeled after Diners of the 1950s and are in an oval shape, the whole country has been pointed out in the scientific community as a modern example of Cultural Engineering, optional to every participant.


Miami, a luxury Commonwealth city

Cyber Punk 

Light Blue on map

As the Commonwealth began to develop itself, it became known as CP20 "Cyberpunk City 2.0" as Eastern Asia began to develop it's cyberpunk like Cityscape, the former East Coast of North America began to become sprawling technological megacities.

In South Aztlan, the power of the newly powerful country transformed the slums of Mexico City to the sprawling wonder of Los Paraiso. The trend continued throughout Mexico, and within forty years the country had rid itself of slums. ss 
Mexico CITY

Los Paradisos, Formerly Mexico City

Washington, South British Columbia and Oregon became the centre of Cascadia, and the Cyberpunk theme spread there, with much more of a Asian influence.

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