The Official Flag of the NAAP
NAAP Members

The Members of NAAP (and their borders) at its height. Baja- California is the only nation to have joined after the creation of NAAP

The North American Alliance of Peace, very commonly called NAAP (Pronounced N-A-A-P) was a trans-continental alliance between many of the main countries in North America. It mainly consisted of the Second Republic of America (SAR or US), Jaharo, Canada, and the the American Empire, with the short-lived nation of Baja California as a member of NAAP for the duration of its short existance, making the only non-founder-state to be admitted. The low point was during the Game of the South when only America was a full member, where Canada pulled out completely and the Empire and Jaharo remained observer states for a time. The Alliance lasted for over one hundred years, mainly focusing on economic bolstering, military cooperation, and overall peace keeping. Wars were prevelant during the existance of NAAP, but allied countries were usually fighting together against other opposing nations, namely in the Imperial Wars (1st & 2nd American Imperial Wars, The Mexican Imperial War, and the Brazilian Imperial War). The Mexican Gulf War was a defining event in the history of NAAP, due to the fact that the Observer states warred with each otherand  eventually lead to the destruction of one, and the perminent absence of a former signator. After this event, the NAAP became very weak and was finally dissolved after the Game of the South ended.


In the aftermath of the 1st American Imperial War (ended 2028), the continent was war-torn and the Second American Republic was in possession of new, former Imperial states, most of which remained rebellious. Many military alliances were created and fell during the course of the Rebellious State Conflicts. Finally, the leaders of North America met to create an alliance to help put down the rebellions and keep the peace in the future. They eventually came up with something that resembled the former European Union. The leaders of Republic America, Imperial America, Canada, and Jaharo signed the Treaty of North America on June 2nd, 2036, officially creating the North American Alliace of Peace. It wasn't as simple as that though. All of the major powers wanted a system of continental governence. The US President Richard Scodes wanted a more relaxed rule of NAAP for simply overseeing the events. Emperor Leston, on the other hand wanted a very direct rule, nearing a Confederacy of the nations in North America. Eventually, after a year of debating and new ideas being rejected the four countries signed the Treaty of North America with a system that was in the middle of the two original ideas. The new alliance leans more toward direct rule, however, as the new President Evans was in favor a slightly more direct rule than Scodes. With this, NAAP was a near confederacy.

A New Military AllianceEdit

More to Come...

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