Logo of the Nordic Union

The Federation of Nordic States (shortly FNS), simply known as Nordic Federation, is an federation in northern Europe that includes the states of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Estonia (joined FNS in 2019) with its territories. The Nordic Federation is bordered with Germany in the south, Latvia in Estonia's southern border and Russia in the east. On the right picture, you can see the flag of the Nordic Federation, used since 2017.

At 3,425,804 square kilometers, the Nordic countries form the 7th-largest area in the world, though 51.7% of this area is uninhabitable and formed by icecaps and glaciers (mostly in Greenland). Though the Nordic population is at 27 million in year that state founded, but now the population begins to grow faster at 1,36% each year, marking on place 98th in United Nations's List of countries by growth rate. Its capital is Stockholm and the main Nordic host is Sweden, which creates the Nordic Federation in 2017. Before the state was created, Nordic Council was an organization for Nordic countries which is founded after the end of World War 2.