Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. They also have one of the largest cities in Africa.


21st Century:

In the early 21st century, an islamic group gained prominence in northern nigeria. In 2009, the nigerian government cracked down on that group and their leader was killed. A new leader took his place and named the group Boko Haram (anti western education). In 2014, the group abducted 200 Nigerian girls, gaining international attention. In 2015, the Nigerian government took much land from the group (including Maidguri). By mid 2016, the boko haram reached negligible levels.

The twenties were a rather prosperous time for Nigeria thanks to the negligible levels of Boko haram and the increasing business in Lagos (especially with the completion of Eco Atlantic city).

During the oil crisis, Nigeria's economy stagnated. The one exception was Lagos which had become a major financial hub for West Africa. This led to an even greater concentration in Lagos than predicted by the UN in 2014.


A century ago, 90% of Nigeria's economy came from oil. When the crisis began to hit, Nigeria's economy stagnated with the exception of Lagos's.


Lagos holds many tall buildings compared to a century ago. The rest of the country is less remarkable however there are...

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