.In the future mahor news companies of today like Fox News, CNN, Sky News, BBC news and others are completely wiped out and replaced by other corporations such as Al Jazeera. VICE News, The Huffington Post and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Major News Outlets in 2035

Vice News

Vice News surged to fame on Youtube, where (in 2035) 45% of their online content is still uploaded. They are known mainly for their approach to the news - sending reporters right into the action and giving the viewer/reader a glance at both sides. They have been credited with exposing corruption, going against the tide and violently fighting pre-conformed views of the world. They are also know for producing or showcasing/broadcasting popular online shows such as Thumbs Up! A show about a man and his nephew roadtripping across various places, countires and continents, and other similar shows like Spolied, Stubborn and Stuck-up A show where spoiled 1st world citizens are sent to live with people living alternative lives or impovrished lives (for instance, a highranking member of PETA who condemned all meat eaters as evil people was sent to live with Eskimos who relied on hunting to feed themselves and their families) 

Vice News is apart of VICE Media, which broadcasts in all forms- Radio stations, Activism blogs, blogs, public service announcements, Youtube/Streaming, Online news, holonews, holographics media.

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