Newbin is the smallest state in Antarctica in terms of population with only about 3,000 inhabitants. The capital and largest city in Newbin is Vostok, which also holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth. The largest demographics include Italian, Swedish and Russian. The largest Russian populated village is the town of Snezhnyĭ. Newbin's only 2 official cities are South Pole and Vostok, both of which have residents sheltered in underground homes. There are also villages and towns, with a population below 1,000. Snezhnyĭ is referred to as the Russian big small town. Snezhnyĭ is Russian for the word "snowy" as in Newbin being a pretty snowy state. There is also a military base located in Newbin, officially called the Lake Vostok Military Base, it is a major research base where new technology in Antarctica is invented. The current governor is Vitaly Borichevskiy.

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