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hi, i am lord falconis, i have come from a far away land called map game wiki. I created this mapgame there, and a person told me about this wikia.

The year is 2067. Humanity is almost ready to start colonizing space. But, out of a vortex of energy, comes an alien race with far more advanced weapons. They easily conquer all of Earth, regressing civilization to a primitive hunter/gatherer life. But, in 2081, a human leader named Hernandaar Pafali leads Earth in a rebellion. They quickly regain their technology and reverse engineer the aliens technology. As of 3016, a few nations form. These nations are on the brink of conflict. Each nation has their own unique weapons and tech, how will they react, when there is war?

"[I] i dont know what ww3 will be fought with, but ww4 willl be fought with sticks and stones [/i]-albert Einstein


Message me if you want one of these positions


Plausibility mod

Turn passer

Event mod: User:Sidewinder291102


Nations are player created, so create a page. Neo-Mediterranean Federation (New Terran Regimens)-Sider

Eurasia (The Rest of the Eastern Hemisphere not controlled by the Neo-Mediterranean Federation) - Epic


Under Construction


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