New Zealand Aotearoa (Māori)
1854 –
Flag of the New Zealand Coat of Arms of New Zealand.svg
"God Defend New Zealand"
Geographical location:
Location of New Zealand.
Official languages: English, Maori 1
  - Prime Minister:
Constitutional monarchy
John Key (N)
Area: 268,680 km2 (75th)
Population: 4,807,906 (2011)
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2011 estimate
$219 billion
GDP (nominal):
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2011 estimate
$146 billion
Currency: New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD "$")

New Zealand — commonly referred to as N.Z. — is a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy comprising of two main landmasses (the North Island and the South Island), and numerous smaller islands, most notably Stewart Island/Rakiura and the Chatham Islands.


Contemporary era

Government and elections

Parties, ideology, and politics

New Zealand Operates under a MMP Multi-Party System. the two largest parties are Labour and National, with several smaller parties like Act, NZ First and the Maori Party.

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