New York City (NYC) is the largest city in the United States. There are noticeable additions in the skyline from a century ago but the changes are nowhere near as radical as Kinshasa or Mumbai.

History: Edit

Founding: Edit

New York City was among the first settlements on the north american continent. At the time of the American Revolution and in the early american era, it was the 2nd largest city, after Boston.

20th Century: Edit

By the 1900s, NYC was the largest city in the US. Over the course of the 20th century, skyscrapers began popping up. In the beginning of the 1900s, church spires were the tallest structures in manhattan; by 1960, they were no longer visible unless up close. The empire state building became a prominent symbol of this transformation. The twin towers of the world trade center were also famous landmarks.

21st Century: Edit

On 9/11/01, 2 planes were rammed by terrorists into the twin towers, bringing them down an hour later. Twenty years later, the new complex, replacing the old one, was fully completed. Quite a few highrises were built which surpassed the empire state building by 2030.

City Layout: Edit

The city is divided into 5 boroughs

Manhattan: Edit

Manhattan is what most people think of when they hear new york.

Brooklyn: Edit

Is the most populated

Staten Island: Edit

Is the least developed of the 5 boroughs. Limited to houses

The Bronx: Edit

has a more humble skyline than Manhattan but still has highrises

Queens: Edit

Is home to 2 spaceports: JFK spaceport and LaGuardia spaceport.

Demographics: Edit

the city is a melting pot of diversity

Infrastructure Edit

Transportation: Edit

The traffic in new york is less terrible than a century ago thanks to self driving cars. Subways still exist.

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