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New York circa 2114

New York City or Neo York City is a City at the North East Coast of the US and is The second Biggest City in the World the third being Boston and the First being London, New York was Declared Capital of the US 2087 when the President office was Abolished and the office moved to New York, New York Consists 7 parts, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Green City and Neo Manhattan, Neo Manhattan has the Highest Skyscrapers the Tallest is the 2 KM tall Neo Tower in Neo Manhattan, 

Floding 2070

New York was Flooded 2070 due to the rising sea and many Skyscrapers like Empire State Building, Chrysler Tower, and the Brooklyn Bridge and Many more were destroyed and 200 000 People Died, it was rebuilded 2071

Work in Progresss.............

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