These terrorist attacks took place in celebration of the establishment of the Central Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, showing that Clinton's defense policies, both internal and foreign, were inadequate. During these attacks, the CDC and empire state building were targeted. The death toll of these attacks was around 2,000 and is referred to as Triumph Day among radical Muslims.


August 2019

  • Aug. 25: A small group of CC members are able to sneak into the United States through the Mexican border.
  • Aug. 27: They finalize plans for a massive terror attack in New York.
  • Aug. 28: 10 suicide bombers wearing extremely powerful explosives detonate their explosives near strategic areas of the building to cause it to lose its equilibrium and fall. 20 minutes later, the building falls in a ball of flames, killing 2,000. Clinton makes an emotional speech vowing to better handle the terror situation from now on.
  • Aug. 29: European anarchists detonate powerful explosives near the CDC building, causin part of it to collapse. No lethal pathogens escape, but the Republicans introduce a bill to impeach Clinton on the grounds of intentional negligence to the point of endangering the American people and global security. The American people begin to feel resentment toward Europe, causing the end of all talks of an American Alliance with Europe.
  • Aug. 30: Clinton is impeached almost unanimously. Chris Christie, who switched his party affiliation in 2016, takes office for the rest of her term.

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