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From the same catalouge as New World and Discord comes the awaited sequel. Dive into the chaos of reviving long lost civilizations through this reboot of the classic and submerge into the new era of human history. This is New World II.

Important information/ Rules

  • Stay plausible.
  • Stay active, literally, I don't want this map game dying in one turn.
  • Each beginning nation will consist of around 50,000 civilians.
  • New turn every 24 hours.


New World Map 1-0


Sidewinder "Take your arms, and ignite the revolution"

  • Imperial Arabia: The sun is out
  • Flag greaterIndiaGreater Indian Empire: SpartanSRoy




Electricity remains offline until 2104.

Radiation begins to clear up following ~30 years of humans taking shelter within bunkers.

Seven civilizations have sprung up since the human re-surfacing, while most of the humans living on the world remain nomadic. None of these civilizations have met yet.

  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg Russian Empire: Kosomov Romanovich, son of Ivashin, the original bunker leader, is placed as King of the nation following our ascension to the surface. Our first project since rising to the surface is building small cottages out of wood and remaining stone found within the damaged OTL Moscow. We come across the Kremlin, and turn it into a government building and shelter for human's without housing. Currency remains at a barter. We expand into OTL Smolensk. Our population stands at 50,000, with 20,000 being sent to hunt for food and scavenge while the remaining 30,000 are used in constructing homes for common citizens. Our current weapon stockpile stagnates at 500 AK-47's, and slowly increases the more citizens scavenge.  
  • Alt buzantine flag by fenn o manic-d3gmllo Byzantium Empire (Continuation): In a surprising turn of events, Bunker Leader Gencer Kahraman and the rest of his party are defeated in a one week struggle (circa. January 7 - January 14) after the bunker fell into disorder due to dissatisfaction about the current administration and the state of the bunker and its society. Soon however, a Greek man claiming to have ancestry dating back to the Komnenos Dynasty of the late Trebizond takes advantage of the disorder to place himself as leader of the nation, using his proficient knowledge of History and Technology to take over in a coup d'état to re-establish a monarchy, with promises of a parliament to "help balance the system".
    Byzantium Empire Expansion Turn 1

    Light blue areas indicate expansion.

    A scavenging division made up of 10,000 armoured troops out of the current population of 45,000 is formed, dubbed Scavengers de ferrum (Sdf). They are sent out to scout the surrounding area, and manage establish a centre in what is now dubbed as Constantinopoli on March 4, currently consisting of tents, huts, some cottages and cleared out wrecked buildings, a shadow of its former self. During a scavenge mission, the remnants of what appeared to be a former gold refinery were discovered, and some gold is plundered, renamed "solidus" and to be used as the new national currency. A beachhead in Asia (Anatolia) is established, and 5000 people are sent out to claim the lands, with 100 more settling around the outer edges of Constantinopoli. At this moment, the bunker serves as the main government builidng and a shelter for the homeless, as well as a recruiting centre and stockpile for weapons, mostly consisting of melee such as swords and several hundred MPT-76s, which is due to increase the more citizens scavenge. There have been reports of vehicles discovered with the potential to be renovated and repaired...
  • Flag of Imperial MexicoImperial Mexica: Following years of factions gaining popularity within bunkers, the Imperial Mexican Front gains the most votes and is instated as the new government. The Empire is democratic, and Hernandez Diablo is elected for his extremely swayful charisma, and is nicknamed "El Diablo Uno" for his strong ideologies. The nation begins converting the surrounding lands into arable soil, planting crops. An expeditionary force of 10,000 is sent to a large settlement on the horizon to explore. The remaining 40,000 are tasked with expanding the bunker civilization into new lands. A few workable vehicles are found on an ancient road, and lugged back to base for deconstruction or restoration if possible. 
  • Imperial Arabia: I want to annex Russian empire. Mexica will you help? You will get more land.
  • Greater Indian Empire: Out of the ashes of former colonised Bengal and India, the Greater Indian Empire is formed. Lead by Bunker Leader Raj Singh the "Tiger of New Delhi", the empire peacefully annexes Northern and Western India including former Pakistan. However, the Southern States do not believe in giving up their territory due to the history of Northern India dominating the rest of the sub-continent. An Ambassador is sent to the Coalition of the Southern States as well as the Eastern and Central States to discuss their demands for peaceful annexation [Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, the Indian Census shows a current population of 50,000 of which 40,000 are civilians and 10,000 are armed forces personnel. 15,000 civilians are allotted to infrastructural repair and development work, 5,000 are allocated to local law enforcement, 10,000 are engaged in farming, animal husbandry and the entire agricultural sector. 8,000 are given jobs in scavenging and 2,000 are employed with the government. From the 10,000 strong military, a 2,000 man expeditionary force is formed and sent westwards, whereas the rest is occupied in domestic protection and assisting civilian operations.
    • Coalition of the Southern States does not exist
    • A list of demands is needed for the Southern States as well as Eastern and Central, so can I just assume some political demands for the next turn? [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]
    • Well, annexing the near-entirety of 3 nations within the first turn is already implausible. The only civilizations that exist currently are the player-controlled one's, with the rest of the humans around the world being simply nomadic and having little government or general leader.


A group of radical nomads known as the "Horde" siege the southern regions of the Greater Indian Empire and self-proclaim their nation: Sultanate of Cushoala.

Wales, Korea, Victoria, Hejaz, California, and Iberia have civilizations.

A small drought begins within Eastern Europe.

  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg Russian Empire: King Kosomov marries Ryzhova Yegorovna, with her being proclaimed as Queen. We continue scavenging and we begin farming inside the Alexander Garden. Fishing, farming, and construction occupy most of our positions of employment, with citizens trading food for materials. We expand into OTL Bryansk and Kursk, by building small outposts there. A military is created, currently having 2,000 troops. 500 troops are stationed on the outskirts of the Empire while the remaining are positioned throughout [the Empire].
  • Flag of Imperial MexicoImperial Mexica: Reconstruction of recovered vehicles has proven to be successful after salvaging usable parts from defunct cars. In an attempt to obtain fresh meat, 3 herds of cattle and sheep have been brought into domestication. Emperor Hernandez orders the farming of collected crops in arable land, while irrigation continues. The expedition to the large settlement returns with many salvaged items, including construction materials and supplies. Eventually majority of the population considers settling in the ruined city instead. The city has been discovered to be named Mexciy, although altered to the better sounding name of Mexezci. Isobelle Sanchez is selected to be the Empress, and the marriage ceremony is held in the bunker.
  • Greater Indian Empire: The GIE has proclaimed its capital to be the city of Gurugram in North India. The Indian Expeditions have led to the peaceful annexation of former Afghanistan into the empire and the expeditions continue westward. The Indian Population rises and strong societal welfare beliefs propogated by the government have led to low unemployment and low hunger. The economy is running successfully, helped by good agricultural yield and introduction of education and trade specializations. Trade is through barter with no currency introduced yet. The growing military of the empire, now collectively called the Greater Indian Sena (Greater Indian Armies) have ordered a military offensive against the "Sultanate" and ordered besieged towns to be retaken. 5,000 troops are involved in the offensive Codenamed Wrath of Shiva and begin major offensives against the Sultanate using Blitzkreig tactics, with the objective of capturing their capital Belgaum by winter 2102.[Mod Response Needed]. A medium sized warship is discovered to be working at the Indian Naval Base in erstwhile Mumbai.
    • The Sultanate, having planned to use the same tactic, causes the death of 2,300 troops and an utter stalemate.

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