New Soviet Union (A New Soviet Union in The Pearl World)

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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Timeline: Scenario: The Pearl World
Workers of the world, unite!

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Known as the Second Soviet Union, Soviet Union or simply, Russia) is a nation that was established after the transition of the Eurasian Union into a communist state.

Future History

In 2060, Yuri Zharkavosky gave the "Soviet Proclamation" in Moscow in which he stated that the Eurasian Union was now a communist state and that a New Soviet Union would be proclaimed by 2100.

The Union Charter was passed by the Eurasian State Duma on March 24,2067 despite protest from the West. The transition took eight years to complete and on May 1, 2075, the Eurasian Union was formally replaced by the New Soviet Union.

In 2100, Moscow saw a Serious of terrorist attacks by Anti-Communist groups targeting several government buildings. the US was accused of funding these terrorist attacks which the US denied (despite being revealed as a true statement in 2145)

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