Timeline: Scenario: Futatsuiwa of Sado
CapitalMiyako (formerly Seattle)
Currency Shōtoku Yen

New Shōtoku is a nation in Vinland. It is one of the two nation in Vinland that has its origins during the recolonisation of the former United States by China and Japan.


Shortly after the fall of the United States, Oregon declared independence in 2035. However, within a few years of independence, it quickly was ruled under a dictatorship, alongside Louisiana.

In 2067, Oregon launched an attack on the Japanese Prefecture of Micronesia, which started the Pacific War. Louisiana quickly joined in on Oregon's side, while China joined in on Japan's side. The war lasted for ten years, and saw a Japanese-Chinese victory. As a result not only was Oregon and Louisiana occupied, but have been merged into a colony of both China and Japan. Almost all of the people from Oregon and Louisiana fled to the Empire of New York, which they were accepted in.

By 2117, there were only 5000 people of the former nations within the colony that stayed, while the Chinese-Japanese population of the colony reached at around 80,000,000.

New Shōtoku was established in 2190 after a treaty signed with Suiyuan to declare independence.

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