The New Republic is a form of democratic government that was advocated for by a group of Norwegian political theorists in the mid 2010s. It is a combination of direct democracy, capitalism, socialism, technocracy, and monarchism. During the 2010s and 2020s, the New Republican Movement, advocated for the implementation of this system worldwide through revolution. The movement called for the overthrow of both capitalist and communist dictatorships, and liberal democracies, through revolution. It also called for the overthrow of the worldwide network of banks and corporations that used money to influence governments. As the traditional Western liberal democracies began to unravel socially and economically in the late 2010s and 2020s, the New Republican Movement became popular.


A New Republic follows the following hierarchy at the local and provincial levels:

  • Each municipality has a municipal council and someone at the head at that council, and any person 18 and older can run and be a part of that council without any qualifications other than being a resident of that particular place. Members serve for a period of two years, and the heads of each council serve for a period of six months; rotating amongst themselves.
  • Then the head of each municipal council represents each municpality at a state/provincial general assembly, and the general assembly of each state is responsible for governing that state; with each state general assembly having its own head as well, who is elected through a direct democratic process.

Then on the federal level:

  • There will be a monarch and a federal ruling council. There will be a monarch who rules for life, or at least until he/she is incapacitated. After the monarch dies, he/she will have a select heir who will take his/her place. The council of advisors will consist of people who are experts in their field. For example, minister of defense will be a military general, minister of health will be a doctor, etc. This council will rule for a period of six years or until the monarch decides to get rid of them, and a new council will be chosen by the monarch.

There will be a constitution, protected by a supreme court. Supreme court justices rule for life. With a system a of checks and balances between the monarch/council, the state general assemblies, and the supreme court.

  • No political parties, people will run as individuals.
  • Instead of a congress, the head of each state general assembly will be given the opportunity to petition the ruling council for matters concerning their constituents. Each week will have a different state.


The United States

See: Second American Civil War

This system was implemented by the rebels following the Second American Civil War. It replaced the conservative-dominated government with a New Republic. Maurice Bradshaw, the leader of the rebels, became the monarch.

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