Republiek Nieuw-Nederland
Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
CapitalNew Amsterdam
Currency Euro

New Netherland, previously known as the Empire of New York from 2065 until 2110, is a nation in Vinland.

Shortly after the US collapsed in 2065, the Coastal States from New York to Virginia ceded and continued to maintain the old government. However, it grew more authoritarian and an alliance with Russia was signed in 2075. It had tense relations with Indiana and Canada, especially over disputed land. It later participated in the Third World War on the side of Russia and its Allies. It ended up getting crushed, and became occupied by the EFR for Twenty Years, and was administrated by the Netherland Province.

Occupation ended in 2130, and the nation became independent again, under the name of New Netherland. The former sports of Handegg (called "Football" by the New Yorkers) and NASCAR, which remained after the collapse of the US, were dissolved during the European occupation and were replaced by Football and Touring Car Championships. The Confederate States, which became an Autonomous Region of Mexico post war, saw the same sport ban as well.

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