Nation Color Formed Capital Population Largest City Leader Government Ideology
China Red 2017 Beijing 1.6 billion Shanghai Yong Hwan Kobayashi Democratic Socialism
Soviet Russia 2013 Moscow 200,000,000 Moscow Yevgeny Kolya Fascism
America 2031 London 450,000,000 New York City Adam Lautner Democracy


2025 Athens 125,000,000 Kingston Iosif Ayman Democracy


2038 Paris 1.2 Billion Paris President Democracy
Greater India 2018 New Delhi 1.5 Billion Mumbai President Democracy
Iranistan 2013 Tehran 950,000,000 Tehran Kaveh Mehrdad Islamic dictatorship
Spanish Confederation 2021 Madrid 250 million Sao Paulo Andrés Fran Méndez Democracy
Thai-Arabia 2033 Mecca 160 million Bangkok King

Absolute monarchy

Libre State 2017 Santiago 250,000,000 Buenos Aires N/A Anarcho-communism
Newworldmap grayscale

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