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The New Caledonian Independance was an agreement made by France and New Caledonia to become an independant state. The agreement, made in February 2031 by French president Francis Berien gave New Caledonia the right of independance.

Meetings and Arguements

In a referendum before the agreement, many politicians did not agree with the independance and would not let New Caledonia become independant but the President thought that New Caledonia 'was nothing to France, and would be stable without the French assisting them'. The country however was not given independance. Later that year a party in New Caledonia revolted against this and another referendum took place. The President said to the Caledonians "If you wish to be independant you will no longer get funding from the French or Monaco governments". This soon lead to the leader of the party to meet up with the President in Paris. After a seven hour meeting the President of France came to the conclusion that New Caledonia is to be allowed to have independance.

After the agreement

    4th March 2031: Country becomes fully independant.
  • 22nd and 28th April 2031: New Caledonia begins trade with Australia and Fiji in an effort to make New Caledonia 'More trade able'
  • 1st May 2031: Finlay Evans elected President of New Caledonia.
  • 14th, 24th and 31st May 2031: New Caledonia begins trade with China, Japan and Russia.
  • 3rd June to 26th June: President visits 7 countries to begin trade and friendships including South Korea, Japan, Russia, Canada, Fiji and New Zealand.
  • 6th June: South Korea and Japan agree to become friends in trade with New Caledonia.
  • 19th June: Canada becomes friends in trade with New Caledonia.
  • 1st August: New Caledonia renamed Karos Island, in efforts to find a name that the public agrees on.
  • 2nd September: Karos Island announces new airliner.
  • 8th September: Karos Island announces new education system to begin the following year.
  • 12th September: Karos Island begins work on new capital city: Aston Gates.
  • 25th December: First Independant Christmas. Government makes five bank holidays throughout the 2032 period.
  • 1st January: First Independant New Year. World's biggest shopping centre opened.
  • 5th January: Crude oil found beneath Karos Island. Island goes from 177th richest country in the world to 32nd.
  • 21st January: Karos becomes trade partners with the US and UK.
  • 1st February: Air Karos launched.
  • 21st February: Karos Island becomes part of the UN.
  • 4th March: Celebrations for 1 year of being independant.
  • 13th June 2033: Population of Karos hits 1 million.
  • 14th June 2033: Aston Gates is finished.
  • 19th June 2033: Karos begins trade partnership with Italy.
  • 21st June 2033: Karos begins trade partnership with Croatia, Albania.
  • 4th July 2033: Augustine Bombings (Terrorist Attack)

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