Castle Romeo

The Castle Romeo Test (Or Castle Bravo) in 1954, was the most powerful weapon detonated by the U.S.


During the Second Cold War, the United States and Eurasian Union engaged in a new nuclear arms race, which resulted in the development of more destructive, and more powerful nuclear weapons.


The Donald Trump Approach

In 2019, President Donald Trump embarked on a new era of nuclear deterrence. In his 2019 State of the Union Address, he noted the importance of having a strong nuclear arsenal to combat the rising threat of the Eurasian Union. This led to Trump pushing for stronger, more powerful nuclear weapons, and, reinstated some discontinued Missiles programs.

Russian Missile Tests

Russia conducted two missile tests in 2019 and 2020. a 5 MT bomb in Kazakhstan and a 10 MT Weapon in Siberia. The Radioactive Fallout drifted over into Alaska and gained the attention of the American Government

President Trump called the test "a foolish gesture." and led to the American Recommitment of nuclear weapons.

The Buildup

Two Administrations began building up America's Arsenal, and so did Russia's Government. Arsenals topped 30,000 near the end of the 2020s. The Depression set the buildup on both sides back, But, saw it's recommitment in the late 2030s, despite opposition from the President of the United States at the time.

By 2050, the Governments had a combination of more than 60,000 nuclear weapons, enough to destroy the world several times over. America had placed Nuclear Weapons in Missile Silos in nearly every state, and along the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean, directly aimed at Russia.

In 2070, a Temporary Period of Nuclear Disarmament began. The U.S. would dip below 20,000 for the first time in nearly 50 years. In 2080 however, the U.S. began rebuilding their arsenal.

Official Stockpiles of Nuclear States (2050)

Country Name Active Reserve Total NPT Signatore (Year)
United States 15,000 10,000 25,000 Yes (1970)
Russia/Eurasian Union 17,000 15,000 32,000 Yes (1970)
United Kingdom 500 100 600 Yes (1968)
France 400 300 700 Yes (1992)
Israel 200 100 300 Yes (2017)
Iran 600 200 800 Yes (2018)
China 200 300 500 Yes (1992)
Ukraine 100 200 300 Yes (1994)
India 400 100 500 Yes (2020)
Saudi Arabia 900 600 1,500 Yes (2020)
Pakistan 200 100 300 Yes (2020)


  • Some States (United States) are believed to possess more nuclear weapons, then government documents suggest. 
  • Ukraine reinstated its nuclear program in 2020. 
  • Israel signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty on 2020, after confessing to having a nuclear arsenal. 
  • Russia helped Iran develop nuclear weapons in 2018 
  • Saudi Arabia acquired Plutonium from Pakistan in 2019 
  • The Eurasian Union, is considered the legal successor of the Soviet Union, the state that signed the treaty in 1970, as well as the Russian Federation, who held the same legal status as Eurasia in that regard.