Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
CapitalNew Hakurei
Currency Electro Yen

Neo Gensokyo is a nation and a planet in the Sunflower Galaxy. It was established in Year 800,000,000 by many Earth residents, mainly from Japan, China, Korea, South East Asia, and India.



Mountainous Landscape ten kilometres away from New New Tokyo.

The planet was one of the few to be built by complex technology. Its environment is similar to Earth, though is Twenty Degrees Celsius cooler on average. The planet is slightly larger than Saturn. Over Fifty-Five Percent of Neo Gensokyo is covered in water, while the rest consisting of continents and islands which together have many lakes and other sources of water that contribute to the hydrosphere. The poles are covered in Ice Sheets, like Earth.

Neo Gensokyo has Eleven Continents, with Two of them located at the North and South Pole. Despite this, all of them have Permanent Humanoid settlements, with the Poles containing the least population.



Here is a list of continents:

  • Yangtze
  • New India
  • Hokkai
  • Meikai (冥界)
  • Borderland
  • Mononobe
  • Zhōngjiāndàlù (中間大陸)
  • New Indonesia
  • New Shikoku
  • Kōritairiku (氷大陸) (South Pole)
  • Iceland (North Pole)

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