This is a nation made for the map game New Terran Regimens


As the aliens were invading the Earth, they caused climate change which partly drained to Mediterranean. The few remnants of the civilizations there went into hiding near the sea. Over time, a community developed with farming and fishing. Eventually, electricity was re-introduced and they managed to live as they did before. As their resources were piling up, they decided to develop a navy (mostly submarines) and create a land army with all terrain vehicle style automobiles to traverse the rough terrain that was the Mediterranean seabed.

The War

When the first few rebellions started, it was clear to the people of this nation that they were not the only humans left. They released their arsenal of all terrain army and navy. After years of fighting, the humans emerged victorious and helped each other rebuild civilization.


  • Established:2072
  • Army:All Terrain Vehicular Army, Submarine Navy
  • Strengths:Naval assault, land assault, warm climate,
  • Weaknesses:Aerial assault, cold climate
  • Battle Strength:Usually wins in naval and land, usually stalemate in aerial


The Neo-Mediterranean Federation is comprised of former Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Dalmatia, Montenegro, Albania and Corsica.