Natural Disasters (2012 - 2025)

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These are the natural disasters that happened over the years, including the massive 9.4 earthquake that hits the Los Angeles and San Francisco / Bay Area, with about 950,000 casualties, half the population of California, killing many notable celebrities, but many were lucky.


  • The Midwest Deep Freeze, in January lasting to about late April, when the Midwest is affected by one of the coldest temperatures recording in history at a -110° F in Minnesota.
  • India has the worst monsoon season ever, when the whole country of India, is actually drowned, causing many casualties.
  • Egypt gets really hot, and so hot that many people die, and the government tries to fix the issue.


  • The Great California earthquake hits the Los Angeles area, being one of the worst earthquakes in the history of earthquakes hits the Los Angeles area sucking up the population.
  • The Terror Twister of Dallas, strikes and the city of Dallas faces major devastation, Obama tries to fix the issue.


  • North Korean flood happens, and nobody helps, except for China, and Vietnam
  • Afghanistan's temperature reaches 141° F, to the point where is desperately asking for air, and the country ends it's government, and becomes an anarchy, and eventually is annexed by Pakistan.

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