This is a list of countries which were founded in the last century:

East Timor (Timor Leste) Edit

East Timor was originally part of Indonesia but fought a war for their independence. It became independent in 2002.

Kosovo Edit

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008

South Sudan Edit

Shortly after the country of Sudan achieved independence, the south wanted to break away but the north won. A second war began in the 1980s, ending with full autonomy of the south in 2005. 2011 marked the year of independence from Sudan.

Kurdistan Edit

After Iraq repelled Isis in 2020, Iraqi Kurdistan declared its independence. After the end of the syrian war, the Kurds got control of everything within 30 miles of syria's border with turkey (except in the tartus governorate) and the entire Hazakkuh governorate. After the great arab war, Kurdistan annexed kurdish majority areas in Turkey and Iran.

Scotland Edit

Although the region previously voted not to leave the UK in 2014, they voted to stay in the EU while the majority in England and Wales voted to leave. This led to another referendum in 2025 in which the "yes" vote won.

Catalonia Edit

Declared independence after the collapse of the European Union

Cabinda Edit

After the region's oil supply had been completely drained by Angola which had occupied it since independence, the cabindans revolted and the insurgency there grew. After 4 years, the country gained independence.

Darfur Edit

Gained independence from Sudan in 2052. Suffered civil war 3 years after independence

Tibet Edit

After the chinese civil war, tibet gained independence

Saharawia Edit

Due to AU pressure, Morocco let go of the western sahara and allowed the region to gain independence in 2074.

Abkazia Edit

As part of the treaty of Berlin, Abkazia held a referendum and became independent from Georgia

Ossetia Edit

Same as Abkazia except North Ossetia left Russia to join with the south