The Map of the World in 2021.


Major Nations in 2035

Nation Capitol Establishment Date (Modern Governments) Type of Government (And economy)
United States  Washington D.C 1776 Federal Democratic Republic
Russian Federal Socialist Repubic Moscow 2018 One Party Socialist State.
People's Repubic of China Beijing 1949 Single-Party State
Federation of China Hong Kong 2018 Demoartic Republic (Mixed Economy
United Kigdom of Great Birtian London 1707 Parliamentary Democracy
India New Delhi 1947 Democratic Republic
European Union Brussels 2024 Democratic Republic
Repubic of Korea Seoul 2021* Republic  
Isamic Repubic of Iran Tehran 1979

Islamic Republic

South Africa

Various 1994 Democratic Republic  
Brazil Brasilla 1988 Democratic Repubic

Other Important Nations

Nation Capitol Establishment Date (Modern Governments) Type of Government (And economy
Israel Tel Aviv 1948 Democratic Republic
Arab Union Riyadh 2024

Constitutional Monarchy





2027 Democratic Republic


Caracas 2014 Single Party State

Former Nations

Nation Capitol Type of Government (And economy) Year of Dissolution
Russian Federation Moscow Republic (State Capitalism) 2018
North Korea Pyongyang Stalinist Dictatorship 2021


  • The Current Government of South Korea was established in 1987. It became the legitimate government of the Korean Peninsula in 2021.
  • Venezuela claims to be a democracy but most international groups and nations observe it as a single parry state.

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