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Note from the Author: This article has been made to express one possible scenario and is not meant to be taken seriously. The ideas here are the author's speculation only. WIP


North America

Nations of North America
Name Capital
United States of America Washington D.C.
Canada Toronto
Mexico Mexico F.D.
Quebec Quebec City

South America



Nations in Europe
Name Capital OTL
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  London U.K.
France Paris France
Baltosnavia Copenhagen(Council)/Stockholm(Representative)

Sweden, Finland, Norway,

Kola Peninsula, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, and Lithuania

Ukraine Kiev Ukraine
Crimea Crimean Peninsula
Basque Basque Area of Spain
Spain Madrid Rest of Spain
Catalonia Catalonian Area of Spain
Gibraltar Gibraltar Peninsula
Andorra Andorra
Bavaria Bavaria area of Germany
Britanny-Normandy Commonwealth Britanny and Normandy area of France
Germany Berlin Rest of Germany
Austria Austria
Switzerland Switzerland


Middle East



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