Map 2150 (Desire Drive)

The nations listed are as of year 2150.

Eurasia and Oceania

Name Capital Flag Largest City
European Federal Republic Strasbourg Flag of Europe Moscow
Switzerland Bern Flag of Switzerland Zürich
Arabia Muscat Dubai
Persia Tehran
India New Delhi Flag of India Mumbai
Republic of China Nanjing Shanghai
Japan Kyoto Tokyo
Oceania Canberra Sydney
Kazakhstan Astana Almaty
Korea Seoul Seoul
Buddhist League Bangkok Flag of Buddhism Hanoi
Indonesia Jakarta Flag of Indonesia Jakarta
Vietnam Saigon Flag of South Vietnam Saigon


Name Capital Flag Largest City
African Union Cape Town Flag of the African Union (Futatsuiwa of Sado) Johannesburg


Name Capital Flag Largest City
Mexico Mexico City Flag of Mexico Mexico City
Canada Ottawa Flag of Canada Toronto
Indiana Indianapolis Flag of Indiana Chicago
Missouri Jefferson City St. Louis
New Netherland New Amsterdam New Rotterdam

(More soon.)


Name Capital Flag Largest City
Brazil Brasília Flag of Brazil São Paulo
Argentina Buenos Aires Flag of Argentina Santiago
Colombia Bogota Flag of Colombia Bogota


Name Capital Flag Largest City
Lunar Capital N/A N/A
State of Neo-Sado Neo-Sado Neo-Tainai
New Ming Dynasty New Beijing

Former Nations

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