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 ←—→ Arab Republic of Syria

Demonym Syrian

is an araibian Nationalist Country , SSNP is the party that is ruling syria.

Syria and Lebanon United

After SSNP got the power in Syria, Lebanon SSNP followers made a revulotion in lebanon needing SSNP to be the government, the SSNP Syria government helped SSNP Lebanon people to get the power in lebanon , that causes the two government to make an union between two countries.

Mandate of Jorden By Syria

After the Union , Syrian leader attacked the north locations in jorden , the locations falled in the syrian hand , but King Talal II , sent the army of jorden to fight , while Syrian Leader used his planes AF-77 Againest Jorden , causing a giant destruction in jorden , Talal II and his family ran away to Morroco, The Jorden army started the final battel with syrian army , but the syrian army was stronger , Syrian Army deafeted the jorden army , and conquered jorden , making the mandate of jorden ,Talal II , ordered his the jorden people to create a revolt , the morroco army helped the revolt and also the saudi army did , but syria had a stronger and bigger army trained well , with more developed weapons and more technology , caused the lost of jorden to make jorden a land in th syrian borders.

Syrian-Israeli conflict and Mandate on Palestine

Syria started it attacks on ocuppded palestine lands meaning to destroy the mossad , zionist replayed the attack with a one in Berut , Syrian army went to the ocuppeded Golan hightes in qunitera and made the israeli people run away and get out , Syria started to get inside palestine lands , and used it huge boats to attack zionist from the middle east , some countries helped syria , like Iraq , Iran, But other countries refused , also , zionist got a hand From USA , UK and France , Here the ultimate battle in the world started , Iraq and Iran Fought UK and USA , While Syria took care of France and Zionist , All that caused the Ultimate Victory to Syria , started The Mandate , the countries didn't accept the mandate on palestine , as the palestine people wanted a free country.

UN Problem and Palestine-Syria War

UN was not happy of what did syria do to the USA , UK , France , and Fall of Israel , Nato repaired themself to counquer Syria , Syria resingend itelf from the UN , and repaired it Army to a fight againist UN , The next day , people who are close to the UN place waked up on the sounds of the explosion of UN building , The UN is done , Nato Army cannot go and fight , syria had another problem that the islamic countries wanted to free palestine from teh Mandate , But Syria again used the power of it Army to attack the armies , Announicing Palestine a land in Syria , UN People said that syria did the blast , but syria said it didn't , causing that a mestory thing .

Taurus and Iskandron , Mousle and Kuwait , western south iran and Sina'a

Syria no is ready with it big country to counquer the other countries , made a big war in the araibian and islamic countries , Syria got the victory at the end .

Syria-Nazi Civil War

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