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The National University of Aravaipa, was the major center of learning in the Empire of Aravaipa , and was one of the three most important institutions of higher learning throughout the Empire, the other being Dawud I University and the University of St. Francis . Though the University of St. Francis (formerly known as the University of California at San Fransisco) pre-dated the formation of the Empire, NUA was the oldest university to be founded by the Imperial House of al-Sini, and thus was propelled to its status by the wealth of the house and its location in the center of the Empire. They were also known for a historical relationship with The Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome, which was established by the Treaty of London, and lasted for over two and and a half centuries.

The Colleges of the University were referred to as "Academies" were founded by an imperial charter, and were:

  • The Academy of the Pure Sciences
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Biology
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Astronomy
    • Department of Geology
  • The Academy of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • The Academy of Theology and Law
  • The Academy of Arts and Letters
    • Department of History
    • Department of Literature
    • Department of Music
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Living Languages
  • The Academy of Medicine
  • The Academy of Military Sciences

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