National Church Bombings (WW3)

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The national church bombings were a series of terrorist attacks across the United States by radical Muslims in honor of 9/11. The attacks destroyed many major churches and cathedrals across the nation, including St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and the national cathedral. The attacks killed around 12,000 people.


September 2020

  • Sep. 7: A group of 300 former ISIS operatives living in the United States meet and discuss plans for a massive terror attack.
  • Sep. 8: They agree on the plans and take massive explosives from secret underground stashes in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • Sep. 9: They transport their explosives throughout the United States by car, hoping to avoid being caught. 103 are caught and arrested.
  • Sep. 10: 21 more are arrested. The remaining terrorists hide in churches across the nation overnight.
  • Sep. 11: The Sydney attacks take place at midnight. The terrorists detonate their bombs across the nation with a devestating blast radius, killing 12,000 and destroying around 150 churches. The president is evacuated from DC and relocated to underground bunkers in the midwest. Christie declares a state of emergency.
  • Sep. 12: Several death threats are made against Christie because of his incompetence and the police struggle to contain uprisings across the nation. Christie declares a state of emergency and institutes a form of martial law.
  • Sep. 15: Australia formally withdraws from the Alliance.
  • Sep. 17: New polls are released, showing Rand Paul as the favorite for the presidential election by a margin of 56%.

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