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NBC Logo
NBC is an American Television Network. It's main headquarters is in the GE Building in New York,NY. Other offices are located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Boston. In 2038 it passed CBS to be the number one television network in the United States. It's current audience share is 49.2% which is a record in the television business.


This is a current list of shows airing on NBC


  • NBC Nightly News (1970-2055)
  • Meet the Press (1947-2055)
  • The Today Show (1952-2055)
  • Weekend Today (1987-2021, 2035-2055)
  • A Current Affair (2019-2036, 2052-2055)
  • Dateline (1992-2017, 2019, 2034-2037, 2044-2055)


  • The Tonight Show (1954-2055)
  • Late Night Show (1982-2045, 2049-2055)
  • Life in New York (2045-2055)

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