Music in the 2010s was pop, hip hop, and rock. Many artists such as Lil Wayne (hip hop), Katy Perry (pop), and bands like Coldplay (rock). Here are some future artists.

Future Artists

Hip Hop

  • DJ D-Zasta (D-Zasta) hip hop/electronica
  • ET Jones (TOTWOCAT/Sony)
  • McSwagger (Astronomical/Sony)
  • Corn Nuggit Spencer (TOTWOCAT/Sony)
  • El-O (Astronomical/Sony)
  • Mark-o/Polo (D-Zasta)
  • Grematical (Odd Future/Sony)


  • Joe Mason
  • The AuTOMATikZ
  • Chad Brighton (not Brighton Unix)
  • Abby Moore
  • The Jimmy Boys
  • Henrik


  • Brad & the Jerks
  • Fire Kingdom
  • God of Lightning

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