The Muntrana are tricardial, have 5 legs, are 7 feet tall, 6 arms (1 for each 60 degrees of their torso). Their appearance is desccribed as skeletal and demonic as they have a mouth in their chest and they have 2 heads.


The Muntrana worship death, and they reportedly Sacrifice 20000 sentients a day by tearing out their hearts with a dagger. A Statue to death (called Huitzincala) shows it tearing three hearts out of a corpse and proceeding to devour them.


The Muntrana are very militarisitc, with a priest hierarchy. Every 7 years, a Grand priest is elected to his position by the people, and can be removed before his term expires if he is seen not to be fulfilling his duty. The Grand Priest is also accountable to the Council of Clerics in the manner of a legislative body.

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