Moscow Liberation Movement
Moscova flag Coat of Arms of Moscow
Established 2075
  • Dissoultion of Eurasian Union
  • Independence for either the Moscow area or all 11 Eurasian States.

Moscow, Russia (Until 2100)

Near Karagandy (Karaganda), Kazakhstan (2100-2101)

Leader Mikhail Luschensky 

The Moscow Liberation Movement is a political movement dedicated to breaking up the Eurasian Union and restoring sovereignty to the Eurasian Republics.


Mikhail Luschensky grew up in Moscow, Russia, exposed to Soviet Nationalism and the Monopoly of the Communist Party of Eurasia which had been running the country since 2060. Although other parties held power and Eurasia was technically a democracy, The Communist controlled everything and used their power and influence to shape the government and economy the way they saw fit.

Before the Party seized power, Luschensky went to study at the University of Brussels in 2040 and was exposed to the Western World for the first time. there he met, Patrick Suzoko who was half Russian, Half Japanese. Lusckensky and Suzoko than returned to Eurasia with a goal of fixing the system which had been based on corruption and state-run capitalism since it's formation in 2018.

Things got drastic when the Communist Party solidified power in 2060. Their dream had been over and sought to breakup the Union.

In 2075, they established the Moscow Liberation Movement with the goal of Dissolving the Eurasian Union. They based themselves in Moscow meeting in secret for more than 20 years hoping to form an army and overthrow the Eurasian Government.

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