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The City of Moscow
Flag of Moscow The Flag of Moscow The Kremlin in Russia The Kremlin, the political center of the Eurasian Union
Established 1147
Mayor Gavriil Popov (1st)
Country Eurasian Union

Capitol District

Moscow is the Capitol of the Eurasian Union and the eighth largest city in the world

Future History

Moscow saw it's de-westernization throughout the 2020s and 2030s. Russia moved it's Political Capitol to St. Petersburg in accordance to the Eurasian Constitution.

Only three siting Presidents, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Korris visited the Eurasian Union. Korris visited in 2063, to help draft the Proposed UN Resolution to help create an independent Kurdistan. 

In 2100, Moscow saw a series of Terrorist attacks by an Anti-Eurasian Group know as the Moscow Liberation Movement. Aaron Luchensko, the sitting presdient at the time, condemed the attacks and vowed to destroy those responsible. 

Moscow in Scenario: A New Soviet Union in The Pearl World

Moscow was the sight of the "Soviet Proclamation" on May 1,2060 which had been part of a larger conspiracy to convert the Eurasian Union into a Communist Country.

Flag of moscow 2060-

Flag of Moscow after 2060.

In 2100, Moscow, which at the time was the Capitol of the Second Soviet Union, Became the center of the Moscow Coalition, which was an absorption of the CSTO and several minor groups into a single organization.

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