Name Monitors Of Freedom

The Logo or Flag of The Monitors of Freedom

Years Active 4 July 2017-
Status Unknown
Events Major Attacking Events

  • USA West Coast Power Grid Attack
  • World Bank Attacks
Members (Member Count) Unknown
Center of Operations Global
Locations Of Attack Global

The Monitors of Freedom were a hacktivist group that brought down the entire US west coast power grid and were also one of the main causes of the Second Great Depression, attacking the World Banks and emptying their money, the nations of the world distracted by the then ongoing conflict of World War 3. This group was even powerful enough to plunge the world into a Second Dark Age.

Attacks And Plots

  • The USA West Coast Power Grid Attack - 4 July 2017
  • The World Bank Attacks - 29 July 2019
  • The UN Attacks - 19 April 2021


The group's beliefs seemed to revolve around seeking to bring on a Utopian Commu-Anarchist world, believing all the world governments to be, in their words "corrupt, evil monsters seeking to exploit the lives of the common man." The group was intending to help the "fellow common men and women of the world" but did not believe in breeding at all and wanted the human race to stop producing children and simply chastise themselves and slowly die off. That was the primary reason why they never mentioned children at at all and wanted to kill any below the age of 11. In their terms, adulthood was reached as 21.


Not much of the history of the Monitors Of Freedom is available but due to the nature of their first attack it is possible the group originated in Syria as protest against the US Invasion Of Syria and due to the nature of their second attack it is possible the group expanded internationally. Their first major attack was on the 4th Of July 2017, where they hacked into the power stations of America's West Coast and disabled them, purposefully causing blackouts on Independence Day. Soon after the group seemingly went into hiatus, only showing up over 2 years later, where they hacked into the world banks and emptied their stocks of money, crashing the stock market and causing The Second Great Depression. The attack was seemingly done purposefully during World War 3 with a goal similar to their first attack but this time for the world. Their greatest feat though, was to orchestrate attacks on the weakened governments of the world, wrecking major national power grids, spurring chaos and plunging the world into A Second Dark Age. Only self-sufficient villages could supply power with their small but powerful electrical generators.