The Mogon Star Empire is a spacefaring empire centered on the planet of Mogonia (5th planet in the Betelguese system).

Planet Edit

Mogonia is the fifth planet from the star of Betelguese. It has an Arctic climate, with three seasons: winter, summer and transition. Its year is 3.58 Earth years, and its day is 27 hours. It has relatively recently been struck by a major extinction event: a sudden cooling that triggered this Arctic climate. The Mogons, however, evolved after the Arctic cooling, locally known as the Great Freeze, and so have adaptations to the cold, like thick fur, anti-freeze blood circulation, and slits for eyes because of the frequent blizzards.

Mogon Physiology Edit

The Mogons are canine-like creatures, they look like a Siberian husky. The main difference is that the Mogons do not have a tail, and they are bipedal. Mogons have 5 fingers on each hand, and 4 toes on each foot. The entire Mogon anatomy reflects the Arctic (Antarctic in winter) climate of Mogonia, as most of their unique features are adaptations to the cold. They have 4 lungs and 2 hearts, also they have thick fur, anti-freezer chemicals in their blood, and slits for eyes, as blizzards are common on Mogonia. They breathe in methane, although they can switch to oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen as their breathing gas at whim.

History Edit

Prehistory Edit

The Mogons were the first species to evolve after the Great Freeze, which froze the planet and killed off most life before that point. They probably evolved from the now-extinct species known as the Jarasdi Kimas.

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