Minnesota War (Malformedmule)
US troops
Date June 3 2032 - June 11 2032
Location Minnesota
Result American withdrawal, American recognition of Minnesota as a Canadian province
Flag of CanadaCanada 56 Star FlagUnited States
Flag of CanadaPrime Minister Peter Mackay

Flag of CanadaNational Defence Minister John Baird

Flag of CanadaCpl Ryan Jackson

Flag of CanadaCpl Douglas Summers

56 Star FlagPresident Paul Ryan

56 Star FlagSecretary of Defense Chris Christie

56 Star FlagGeneral Mike Turner

56 Star FlagCpl Matthew Harrison

9500 11 000
Casualties and losses
18 20

The Minnesota War, also known in Canada as the American War, was a brief armed conflict that took place in Minnesota from from June 3 2032 to June 11. Before the war began, the American state of Minnesota held a referendum on leaving the United States and joining Canada on May 31. 57% of voters voted in favour of joining Canada and Minnesota was annexed on June 2. However, the United States government called the referendum "illegitimate" and deployed troops in the former state on June 3 to regain control of it from Canada, which had withdrew from NATO and NORAD in 2026 and was no longer an American ally. American ground forces fought those of Canada for 8 days. American forces withdrew on June 11, ending the war, which most Americans had opposed. After the conflict ended, the American government said that it would let any state in the USA have a similar referendum to that of Minnesota. As a result, the states of Wisconsin, Washington, Maine and Michigan were annexed to Canada the same year.

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