The ministry of future studies of Quebec (PTQ) is a ministry supporting scientific research within the Quebec province, in particular the life sciences. The most ambitious project of the ministry is to cryopreserve any legally dead Quebec citizen, for a future reanimation in the future. The ministry intent to create one more ministry with enough capital, the ministry of future studies. The mission of the ministry is to give to future generations more choices in being a planning department for the Quebec population.

The new ministry will be divised into 14 categories as fellow:

  • Molecular Manufacturing
  • Anti-Aging / Immortality / Biomedical Gerontology)
  • Cryonics
  • Astrobiology/Kardashev
  • Distributed Computing
  • Mind Uploading
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Omega Point
  • The Far Edge Party
  • Paradise Engineering (Hedonistic) and Post-Darwinism
  • Increasing Intelligence for a human
  • Capitalism, Economic Freedom, Inflation
  • Space Tourism and Star Missions
  • Singularity

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