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It is the year 2194, and after a hypothetical non-war induced global collapse, the only nations to emerge are micro-nations. The rules are simple: you may only play as one micronation each turn. The number of moves you may have in one turn is completly up to you. Finally, you may start or end a turn as you wish, each turn will be a year.


0x31pxFireurchin: Destroyer of worlds0x31px 18:05, August 26, 2014 (UTC) De Facto Mod

Algorithm Monitors

Grammar Nazis Conchians


  • Principality of Sealand: 0x31pxFireurchin: Destroyer of worlds0x31px 18:05, August 26, 2014 (UTC)
  • Conch Republic:
  • Aerican Empire:
  • Coperman Empire:
  • Monarchist Russia:
  • Other World Kingdom:
  • Talossa:
  • Fundy:
  • Nova Roma:
  • Wallachia:
  • Wy:
  • Vikesland:
  • Seborgia:
  • Celestia:
  • Sultanate of M'Simbati:
  • Freetown Christiana: derpmaster21
  • Republic of New Atlantis:

List any others that I missed

Current Map

MicroNation 1

The Game

Turn 1: 2194

Sealand: Sealand Advances on to Bretagne and Cornwall

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