Michael Korris
Blank Person
President of the United States
In Office:
January 20, 2061 - August 18, 2065

(5 Years, 6 Months, 29 Days)

Vice President: Ray Stevens
Preceded by: Harry Reeves
Succeeded by: Ray Stevens
Mayor of New York
In office:
January 1, 2039 - January 1, 2047
Preceded by: Michael Bayless
Succeeded by: Joseph Costanza
Born:April 14, 2007
New York, NY
Hometown:Ridgewood, NJ
Died: May 18, 2099 (aged 92)

New York, New York

Political party:

Old Democratic Party (2027-2030)

Social Democratic Party (2030-2040)

New Democratic Party (2040-2062)

Independent (2062-)

Spouse: Michelle Korris 
Children: Michael Jr. 
Alma mater: Ridgewood High School (Class of 2025)

Yale University (Class of 2032)

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Atheist  (Raised Christian) 


Michael Korris was the President of the United States from 2060 to 2068. Korris' administration is considered by many to be one of the most controversial mainly due to his friendly approach to the Eurasian Union. Korris was also the first President to be an Atheist. Korris was born in NY but grew up in Ridgewood, NJ.

Presidency (2061-2065)

Korris defeated his opponent. Harry Stephensen, another Democrat. in the 2060 election in a controversial election which many accused of being rigged in favor of Korris, Since Stephensen's Popularity was reminiscent of John Kennedy's.

Domestic Policy

Korris' Domestic agenda was the reduction of the Corportate tax rate from 70% to 69% and ultimately 67%. Korris' invested into social security and medicare/medicare by diverting money from defense.

The Education System also underwent a series of reforms scaling back the government's grip on the student transition to either "Trade school" or "Higher Education" causing an increase in education costs. Korris' also proposed reverting back to the original grade system.

Foreign Policy

Korris was notable for his leanancy towards the Eurasian Union which at the time was a growing threat. Many accuse Korris of preventing the uprising that would ultimately occur 40 years later by letting the Communist Party consolidate power.

In August of 2063, Korris visited Eribil, calling for an Independent Kurdistan. While many agreed with Korris' stance, Things drastically changed when Korris went to Moscow to draft a UN Resolution with Eurasia. although support remain, many were concerned about a Communist Kurdistan and a Russian Ally in a major part of the world.

Assassination Attempt

On October 29, 2064, An unidentified man attempted to assasinatee Korris while he was visiting a Vietnam War memorial in Los Angeles. Korris' survival was considered a mircale.

Because of this, Korris' won the election via sympathy vote, despite his rapidly growing upopularity, against his own Vice President Ray Stevens who agrred to become his VP again after his own choice, Joseph Costanza was shot down by the Senate.

Unpopularity and Impeachment

At the time, three Presidents were considered the worst in history. George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan (Unless you lived in the South) and Herbert Hoover. But Korris' approval rating was horrendous. In 2062, his party kicked him out because of his Right-wing stance on certain issues such as education.

By July of 2065, Korris' approval rating was below 20 %. and many began demanding his impeachment.

On August 1, 2065, Korris' was impeached for "Crimes against the American People" and was found guilty two weeks later. His Vice President, Ray Stevens took over on August 20, 2065. Stevens is compared to FDR and LBJ and is considered to be the best President of the latter half of the 21st Century.

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