República Federativa de México
Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
Flag of Mexico
Flag of Mexico
(and largest city)
Mexico City
Language Spanish
Religion Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism
Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Currency Mexican Peso

The Federal Republic of Mexico is a nation in Vinland and a Superpower.

In 2040, Central America (except Panama), Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba were annexed into Mexico after referendums. Then, when the US collapsed in 2065, Mexico expanded into and annexed Nuevo México, Arizona, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, and a portion of Wyoming. Finally, Mexico gained Jamaica and the Bahamas via referendums in 2080.

Mexico also joined in on the Allied side in the Third World War. After the war, the former Confederate States were turned into an Autonomous Region of Mexico and continued to remain occupied by Mexican military.

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