Mexican-North American War (Malformedmule)
Part of the North American wars
Date October 20, 2064 - June 13, 2065
Location Mexico
Result North American annexation of Mexico
North American UnionNorth American Union Flag of MexicoMexico
North American UnionHadrien Trudeau Flag of MexicoAlejandro Torres
30 000 35 000

The Mexican-North American War, also known as the First North American War, was an armed conflict in Mexico that occurred from October 2064 to June 2065. It occurred when Northern Mexican states held referendums over integration into the newly formed North American Union. All states that held referendums voted in favour of joining the union, however the Mexican government did not recognize the referendums and still recognized the seceded states as part of Mexico, deploying soldiers in the region. The government of the North American Union decided that military action was necessary "for the interests of Mexicans" and deployed North American soldiers throughout the states. North American forces gained control of the states which held referendums on June 13, 1965 and signed a peace treaty with Mexico, on the condition that it held a nationwide referendum on joining the North American Union. The nation strongly voted in favour of this.

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