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  • I live in The Citadel
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Scout for Hire
  • I am Male
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  • Welcome back, man. It's good to have ya active again.

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  • See you're making edits again, so welcome back!

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  • Hey Aiothai! Nice to see you back after a while! Fancy joining Discord? It would be a good way to help reaffirm yourself as an active member of the community, and make announcements, as, unofficially, we used to see you as the "leader" of the community, and I don't see that changing just because you've been gone.

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  • So where are you? Still busy I assume. That's ok though. Just a little tired of the wiki. I mean, Map Games take up the majority of activities, and we've tried to do other things, but they just don't work. Something I really don't like is that the other guys like to copy things from the Althistory Wiki and TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki, such as user nations and (failed) competitions. People should know by now I'm not the most creative person, but that doesn't mean they can't be. We need some original ideas, and they're just not coming in. Even when an idea comes in, it rarely materialises.

    Well anyway... We miss having you around dude. You kept this wiki so tidy and active for a long time, and now you've had to move on I guess. It's cool.

    I think having you around for a little could help us out with what we're doing. I feel like the others try too hard to centre the wiki on politics, when we could also be doing work on biology, ecology, geology, medicines and in-general future topics. I also oppose these new "elections" they hold. It takes the opinion of most active users and they decide who has what role on the wiki. If wikia had wanted this, wouldn't they have designed it specifically like that? I still support the old way of becoming an Admin/Bureaucrat. Hard work and a lot of effort put into the wiki, combined with activity and contribution. I believe holding these elections also causes certain users with grudges to decide the fate of someone else's role.

    Basically, if you could come back and straighten some things up, maybe give some ideas and show some opinion, it would be really nice.

    See you soon, - Firestorm

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  • Hey Aiothai,

    Not sure you remember me but we had some fun back in the old days of humanity's course. Quite some time has passed since then and I wasn't around most of it. Today I remembered those times and figured I could check out how the wiki's doing.

    Anyway, if you have time I'd appreciate if you told me what's changed here since the last time I was here (about a year I'd say) and whether any of the veteran map game players (those who played humanity's course) are still around.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Somerandomguy

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  • I remember looking at Your userpage a few days ago, and it said you were a Socialist Hindu, but now you are and Orthodox Christian!

    Did you convert or something?

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  • Aiothai, if you feel like it's your job to come back here; it's not. I don't want you to feel pressured into having to check on the wiki every so often. If you're at work, and you can't be active anymore, we get it.

    Pretty much, if you feel like you HAVE TO check on the wiki, you don't. Go do whatever you do, and have a fun time! We can keep the wiki intact. In the event you become permanently inactive, we will keep the wiki safe.

    Don't worry about it, -Firestorm

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  • Ok, I've been adding stuff to the wiki, an I added a Rating system that I thought would be cool? I get Fucking Hate.

    Yet Ryan creates a userbox saying "Trek yourself before you wreck yourself" instantly it's the best thing ever invented.

    General Rating

    WARNING: Please be advised The following page is recommended all Audiences.

    General (G) – Contains material available for general viewing. This category does not necessarily designate a children's article. Although not mandatory at this category, the Board may provide consumer information. Consumer advice at G classification usually relates to impacts on younger children. The content is mild in impact.

    • Themes should have a very low sense of threat or menace, and be justified by context.
    • Violence should have only a low sense of threat or menace, and be justified by context.
    • Sexual activity should be very mild and very discreetly implied, and be justified by context.
    • Coarse language should be very mild and infrequent and justified by context.
    • Drug use should be implied only very discreetly, and be justified by context.
    • Nudity should be justified by context.

    This page is free to edit for anyone.

    Thank You.

    Mature Audiences Only

    WARNING: Please be advised The following page is recommended for Mature Audiences only.

    Mature (M) – Recommended for people aged 15 [And if your brain is 15+] years and over. People under 15 may access this material because it is an advisory category. This category contains material that requires a mature perspective but is not deemed too strong for younger [13-14] viewers. The content is moderate in impact.

    It May contain the following:

    • Coarse Language
    • Nudity
    • Alcohol
    • Extreme Violence
    • Drug Use
    • Mature themes
    • Sexual References

    Please do not edit or alter this page unless you are over the age of 13. You could be Psychologically scarred, or mistreated by an older, more experienced user. This is also not allowed as per text in Wikia Terms and Conditions.

    Thank You.

    Yeah, it might not be super important, but if some users prefer no swearing, sexual references, Violence, etc I thought we could use these.

    Apparently I'm not a fucking useful person and can't do anything right. Literally no one cares that I'm here to Try and help. All I try to do is add gadgets to the wiki, but just because I'm not a fucking coding expert I'm instantly hated.

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  • Do you know of DaneOfScandinavy's current whereabouts on wikia?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Ok, it has come to my attention that the templates are bad. Could you fix them please?

    On TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki, the country template is much better than ours, could You copy it to here? (I can't, am on mobile)

    I noticed we don't have a template for people (eg Donald Trump)? Could you make one? (Again, my Phone doesn't let me)

    And finally, could you create one about country subdivisions (eg Provinces, States, Oblasts, Regions Etc)

    If you could help with any of these, thanks!

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