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There are many topics to discuss about MegaScale Engineering, here are some topics

  • Alderson Disk
  • Artificial World
  • Astroengineering
  • Bernal sphere
  • Centerpoint Station
  • Dyson Sphere
  • Ecumenopolis
  • Global Highway
  • Globus Cassus
  • Jupiter Brain/Matrioshka Brain
  • Megacity
  • Megastructure
  • Microwave Power
  • O'Neill cylinder
  • Orbital Platform
  • Ringworld
  • Shadow Planet Killer
  • Skyhook
  • Space elevator
  • Space Fountain
  • Stanford Torus
  • Star Lifting
  • Stellar Engine
  • Sunshade
  • Tipler Cylinder
  • Transatlantic Tunnel
  • Well World

Current MegaScale Engineering Projects in the world

further reading

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